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Privacy Notice

Created: February 15, 2011

Here at Paranormal Indulgence, your privacy is important and valued. While it may be fun to participate in giveaway, contests, and other neat stuff that require personal information, be sure to stay on the safe side and make sure your protected. My blog showcases links to other websites, in which case I'm not responsible for other websites' privacy practices and uses. Note: Cookies, to my knowledge, are not currently enabled to track or collect personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

I've recently just begun with contests & giveaways, but I do not collect personal information--which includes names/aliases, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses--via the comment section of my blog. Therefore, I am not responsible for anyone who does do this as well as any repercussions that may ensue.  

My Contest/Giveaway posts will specifically state that a Google documents form must be filled out in which only the following personal information is required:
  • Name/Alias
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
This is the best possible alternative to guard against SPAM and other unwanted or unsafe consequences of publicly posting information.

I do not knowingly receive any personal information from contest/giveaway entrants under the age of thirteen, as this blog is not directed and may not be suitable for children under the age of thirteen.

For parents: Should a problem arise with regards to your children sending out any personally identifiable information while being under the age of thirteen, without permission, and/or while being unsupervised, to this blog, Paranormal Indulgence, please notify me immediately either by using my contact form or emailing me directly at paranormalindulgence(at)gmail(dot)com. Also, be sure to discuss the importance of safeguarding any personally identifiable information and the significance of refraining from openly posting said information.

Also, here's more information for child protection online:

For each contest/giveaway entry form, any information needed will be required for eligibility to submit said form. Any information collected is with knowledge that children under 13 who do enter are being supervised or have asked permission. Honesty is needed. Some advice: If you're under 13 and want to participate in a giveaway/contest for PI, have your parent/guardian sign up instead.

Note to everyone: All personal information collected will not be displayed publicly or distributed for any reason. Contest/Giveaway winners will be posted in a blog post. If you would not like your real name posted, please be sure to include an alias in the registration form before submitting.

Registration forms powered by Google Documents are there to ensure further safety for my blog readers. Any personal information listed or shared via the comments section will be deleted. And it is recommended that one not post their first name anywhere available on the site such as the comments section where it is visible to all visitors of Paranormal Indulgence.

Credit: I used The Story Siren's Privacy Policy as a reference and base for my own privacy policy.