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Um, Excuse Me, Where Am I?


Shhh, shhh. Don't worry. As J. R. R. Tolkien once said, "Not all who wander are lost."
I know why you've come and that's a start.

what is "paranormal indulgence"?
Ah, Paranormal Indulgence... where few tragically morose people and/or non-readers would dare tread. It's a place of safety, where those like me can escape the persecution of our classmates, reproachful glares aimed by our librarians still awaiting overdue library fees, and judgement calls from mommys and daddys who hear about what's on our bank and credit card statements. Some might gather that "Paranormal Indulgence" suggests a certain amount of... gorging and overindulgence to sate a voracious appetite for reading, and they'd be EXACTLY RIGHT. Paranormal Indulgence is a blog, for me, written by me, to express my concerns and delights, and acts as a way to find MORE books at an alarming rate. Which is perfect for a naturally obsessive person like meself.

okay, but what's the point of it?
If you had asked me that say... ten minutes ago, I wouldn't have been able to give you an answer because I wouldn't have started writing this page. But now that you force me to think on it, the point of Paranormal Indulgence has always been to let loose my wide range of reactions to books and to build friendships with like-minded and possibly criminally obsessive readers. Because, my mommy aside, there was no one to share my freakish devotion to the written word with.

But, wait, no need to shed tears for me! I'm not a lost lonely little reader anymore. However, the purpose of Paranormal Indulgence remains the same, because I still love sharing my reactions and still love sharing them with people who enjoy and overly invest in books, among other things, like I do.

so if I read your blog, what can I expect?
An attempt at consistent posting.

Listen, Doctor, just because I don't watch your show doesn't give you the right to sabotage. I said attempt. You can definitely look forward to a few posts a week (around 3-5) containing my brilliant and eloquent reviews of books I've read...

That's the point, Jennifer. Anyway, and not to mention random bouts of distracting posts on topics that inspire civil conversation and friendly debate. And really anything else I decide to cover. But, take heart, for my ramblings will always circle back to books, as all good things in this world should.

... that's it?
Uh, yeah.