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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I'll Never Read

Okay, so this triple T feature/weekly meme is hosted by the totally awesome, so have to follow The Broke and the Bookish! Yes, obviously, I am participating. *bows* Now, for a disclosure: This meme isn't meant to instigate any sort of problems or unhealthy debates, nor is it something authors or fans should take offense by. Top Ten Tuesday is just another way to spread the word about books, and how much they are loved. 

ANYWAY, this week's topic: Top Ten Books I'll Never Read. Neat!

(1) The Vampire Diaries Series: VD fans don't give me that funny look! I'm Team Damon and Delena all the way! I watch the show religiously. But, reasons why I won't read the books has to do with a pact I foolishly made with a friend. And the promise was that while we both watch the Vampire Diaries show, neither of us could read the books for fear of knowing what would happen before either of us got to watch. Only later do I come to find out that the show is BASED off of the book series. *sigh* See, I always keep my promises.

(2) Dear John: The reason I'm staying away from this one is because of what a friend told me. Now I know you really shouldn't go off of what a friend tells you about a book, but she spoiled it for me. *possible spoiler* She warned me away from both the movie and the book, because in the movie the main couple do not stay together. I have a very, very sensitive heart and it wouldn't be able to take such a revelation after taking all that time to read the book.

(3) Edgar Allan Poe's Poetical Works: I read one of his poems and had nightmares for weeks. Ever since then I've shied away from his pieces. *shrugs*

(4) Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma: I won't read it, not because of the fact that incest is the main topic, but because I'm afraid of how the ending will turn out. Like I said, my heart's fragile and it breaks easily. I was so desperate, I even had my mom read the very last few pages to see if I'd be able to handle it. She said nothing, only shook her head indicating 'no'.

(5) Amityville Horror by Jay Anson: I am deathly afraid of this book. I will not even look at it funny. Nor will I touch the movie. I won't watch or read it...ever!

(6) Twilight, Book 1 by Stephenie Meyer: The thing is, I began reading Twilight AFTER I saw the movie. And I generally never read a book once I've seen it in movie format. It may seem silly, but it's just that way for me. Once I can afford it, I'll definitely buy it. And I may someday read it, but certainly not now.

(7) The Last Song: I won't read this one for basically the same reason I won't read Twilight. I watched the movie, was touched by it immensely, but I won't take the time to sit down and read it when I just watched the movie. *shrugs twice*

(8) The Other Boleyn Girl: It was sad enough as a movie. I felt wretched after watching it. How am I supposed to sit through an entire reading?

(9) Chronicles of Narnia: I tried reading the first two chapters and that didn't work out so hot. I check out the movies and I'm blown away. Which do you think I'm gonna choose?

(10) Evernight Series: This may change, but I'm soooooo scared to read on. I'm so completely in love with the relationship between Lucas and Bianca that I'm afraid it'll be ruined to my knowledge if I keep reading this series. The problem is I'm so very tempted. I don't know what to do about this one! Gah!

Ahem, stay tuned for NEXT WEEK'S TOPIC: Top Ten Fictional Crushes by...Jen, if I'm not mistaken. This is an awesome meme to get involved in, so head over to the Broke and the Bookish and participate! Make sure to sign the Mr. Linky and comment. (:


Anne@HeadFullofBooks said...

I can't read horror books either. Do you avoid watching movies so that they won't wreck books for you?

Marathon said...

@AnneBennett If I'm really looking forward to reading the book, most definitely. Take I Am Number Four for example. I won't be watching it until after I've read the book. Lol.