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Review: Misguided Angel by Melissa de la Cruz

WARNING: If you haven't read books 1 - 4 of the BLUE BLOODS series, then you probably shouldn't read this review. Especially since it may contain spoilers!

Misguided Angel (Book 5)
Author: Melissa De La Cruz (WebsiteTwitter)
Release Date:10/26/10
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Age Group: Young Adult (14+)
Source: Bought (Amazon)
Next: Bloody Valentine (Dec. 2010)
Overall Feelings: Intense!

Faster, Less Detailed Review: Misguided Angel is an intense fifth installment to the Blue Bloods Series, filled with new dilemmas; lots of suspicion; answer-seeking missions; significant legacies; dangerous, abrupt murders; seven demon-proofing gates of Hell; and...the Petruvian Order. Fans will love this severely action-packed fifth book and the blend of old and new characters coming forth, and will find that that Melissa De La Cruz did not disappoint.

As an avid Blue Bloods fan, I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of it's fifth successive novel. The first thing I said when I gazed down at the book in my hands was, "Oh, the cover! I could cry!" It's so, so pretty. I love when angel wings are placed on a cover; I just have this thing for 'em.

Reading the Blue Bloods series has always proven to be an adventure for me. I never know where Melissa De La Cruz is going to take me next! And to me, unpredictability is a good thing. Her plot lines are always intricate, yet somehow they are all braided together, and you can find their shared connection easily. It all goes back to something, some mystery or unanswered question.

Opening up with Jack and Schuyler was perfect! I utterly adore this star-crossed couple. The first chapters display their current relationship, how they are working things through, and how much they still need to work out. And, more importantly (at least for some), the status of Schuyler carrying out the legacy bestowed to her by her grandfather, Lawrence Van Allen. To see their struggles so early in the book grabbed me and pulled me in to the story. 

Seeing Mimi and all her selfish, superficial glory was wonderful! I love Mimi, surprisingly. I don't typically like her kind of character. You know, the gorgeous, shallow, blond goddess of society type. But, despite the flaws in her personality, I think she's probably one of the best, one of the most well-developed characters of the story. She has so many layers. She can be cold and mean. Or genuine and kind. Selfish or caring. It all depends with Mimi. It's like rolling di, you never know what digits you're going to get. Then, most unexpected is her ever-growing friendship with Oliver, of all characters! I thought they would forever be at each other's throats, so it was quite funny, for me, to watch that change, watch a bond of friendship be formed, especially considering their circumstances with Jack and Schuyler respectively. (Spoiler Alert: I was so happy when I discovered that there is a possibility that my beloved Kingsley will be coming back soon! *squeals*)

And meeting Deming Chen was a surprise and a pleasure. First off, it was nice to see a new face after tagging along with so many familiar characters. Readers will know virtually nothing about her, as it happened with me. To gradually unravel her character and still not completely get to her core, the core of who she is, felt good when reading about her and what she was there for. *spoilerish* Not to mention the possibility of her twin showing up! I just can't wait!

The mystery of the new, arising problems over-shadowing the Blue Bloods Coven, more particularly in New York was eerie and disturbing. If you've read Melissa's earlier Blue Bloods books, you'll know that she writes, in between chapters, little snippets of the past that tend to relate to what is going on while you're reading (which is awesome). I'm dying to know what it's all leading up to, though I do have a teensy-weensy bit of an idea. By the end of the book, I had been breathless, as though I had just run a two-mile marathon in twenty minutes (except I read this in one sitting of about 3.5 hours, but you get the idea)!

If you're the kind of person who likes a big mystery with a supernatural flair (the whole ex-angels turned blue/silver blooded vampires concept) plus a large mesh of several different relationships (friendship/romantic), then you'll find something to like/love about the Blue Bloods series, including its fifth installment, Misguided Angel.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the review. I love the spoilers. Melissa linked to your review on her Twitter. You must be thrilled.

Can you tell me whether Kingsley actually appears in Misguided Angel or is he just mentioned? He's my favourite character now. It used to be Oliver.

Marathon said...

I wasn't on twitter when she did. Thanks for letting me know! I'm more than thrilled!

And if you'd like me to tell you sure. No, Kingsley isn't actually in Misguided Angel, but it is majorly implied that Mimi's going to retrieve him from Hell. So, that's something at least. And yeah, I know what you mean, I was devastated when I he did what he did in the Van Allen Legacy!

I'm glad you liked my review! And thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for letting me know. I hope he appears in the next book. I'll have to wait for a few months before Misguided Angel even appears in the bookstores in my country, so in the meantime, I'm feeding off reviews like yours.

Ashley @ Bookaholics Anonymous said...

Ahhhh see I wish this book did the same for me, but I couldn't make myself enjoy it as much as the others. I did like the new character addage (is that a word addage?) with the sisters though I thought they well I thought she was a good add in. I loved Mimi and Oliver working together well kind of together anyways.

It's nice to see someone who reads close to the same books as me. I don't find alot who have read blue bloods or HoN or immortals. Maybe I'm not looking good enough.

You should read Dark flame though. Roman is a butthead, but that's part of his bad guy charm I guess you could say for me it is anways. I still hate what he did to ever and Damon though.

Sorry enough babbling.