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Top Ten Tuesday (6)

Okay, so this triple T feature/weekly meme is hosted by the totally awesome, so have to follow The Broke and the Bookish! Yes, obviously, I am participating. *bows* Now, for a disclosure: This meme isn't meant to instigate any sort of problems or unhealthy debates, nor is it something authors or fans should take offense by. Top Ten Tuesday is just another way to spread the word about books, and how much they are loved.

ANYWAY, this week's topic: Books I Wish I Read As a Kid. I definitely wish I'd read more when I was younger. I didn't appreciate books or reading in general then and I missed out on a lot of entertaining stuff!

1) Judy Blume's Middle Grade Series: I'm not really a big fan of middle grade novels. In fact, I rarely ever read them. But from like third grade and on I've heard so many great things about these books but I was just never interested enough to read them. Maybe I'll check out her YA titles...

2) Dr. Seuss's Titles : I used to enjoy these so much and then BAM! Suddenly I wasn't interested in reading 'em anymore. 

3) Nightworld by L.J. Smith: I would've loved to read this series then. I might've appreciated the genre more now. *shrugs*

4) Titles by Rachel Hawthorne: At a very early age, I wanted to read/see romance. And Rachel Hawthorne's works are very light romances, nothing heavy, so I think I would've enjoyed them (more) then.

5) Emily Strange novels : These books always have really cute covers, which makes me want to read them more! I would've LOVED reading these back then. I'm almost tempted to try it now. See if I like it.

6) Solid by Shelley Workinger: I actually just reviewed this novel. I wish that I'd read it when I didn't like or know much about reading. My book obsession most likely would've kicked in years ago.

7) Georgia Nicholson series: I'm not sure if this is a YA or MG series, but I really wish I would've picked this up awhile ago. I think this would've sparked my interest in reading as kid since it's so hilarious. I loved the movie to this by the way...

8) Sarah Dessen's novels: Even though Dessen writes YA, her books on the definition of love, the meaning of family sucks me in each time. And because I had a ton of familial issues back then, I really wish I'd had these books handy.

9) Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan: This is another middle gradish series that I really wish I'd read earlier on. My sister says it's wonderful so perhaps I'll read it despite it being Middle Grade.

10) Magic School Bus series: I think I would've loved these more than watching the movies I was forced to watch in grammar school. It's more fun imagining than seeing on TV. But I was very interested in like the fourth/fifth grade I just never pursued it.

Thanks for reading!

Come back at around 5/6 PM EST to read my Iron Queen kick off week post! I just love the Iron Fey series & really want to support Julie in all her iron fey related endeavors.*laughs*


Miss Bookiverse said...

I wish I would've read Percy Jackson when I was younger, too. I read the first one a year or so ago and liked it. I tried the second one a few months ago but I just couldn't get over how childish and obvious a lot of it was. I wouldn't have minded these things so much at a younger age.

Anonymous said...

I had the Dr Seuss titles on my list too! I've never read any of them. I did enjoy the Magic School Bus books as a child but I'm not sure I read all of them.

Small Review said...

I did read Nightworld when I was younger and it made me obsessed with paranormal romance :) Except there were practically no other series out there to read! There were a few, but not like there are now. I wish I was a teen now with this awesome explosion of YA books.

Oh, the other drawback to reading Nightworld when I was a teen is that I've been waiting a decade for the conclusion! :P

Enbrethiliel said...


The Percy Jackson books made my list, too! I would eaten up the modernised Greek mythology with a spoon. =D