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A Word On the Great Friendships of Throne of Glass

In celebration of friendship week, we Throne of Glass ambassadors have been asked to talk a little bit about the friendships we've seen in Throne of Glass, and I will more than happily shed some well-deserved light on one of the major reasons I read and love this series so much. Friendship, and through that, love, is the core of this story, and what ultimately motivates the characters on all their decisions both past and upcoming in Crown of Midnight. Even those that may not be able to weather all the horrors that take place in Sarah's amazing sequel. It's the thing that connects the characters, gets them to do things, and adds a great depth to them. ToG wouldn't be nearly as wonderful as it is without the story of friendship underlying all of it.

What would an assassin know about friendship?

Not very much seeing as she doesn't have the best examples from her past, and certainly has no surviving friends at the moment Throne of Glass begins. Being an assassin, and one of her caliber, proves just how dangerous it is to have people of immense value in your life. Coming out of the prison camp in Endovier, physically half-alive and not a little gun-shy, the last thing she or you as the reader would expect is how rapidly people become fixtures in her life following her release into a royal competition to be the King's Champion (not exactly the ideal place to make nice with your peers). But friendship is a hard thing to avoid when you have a curious, awkwardly caring Captain of the Guard, an affectionate prince, and a BAMF foreign princess interested in the candidness and mystery wrapped up in one lone assassin.

Princess Nehemia

I think part of the reason Nehemia and Celaena get on so well is because they're so alike and yet their strengths come from different places entirely. They're both straightforward while putting forth an impenetrable mask to hide the secrets no one would believe of them, two strong-willed women who have seen much and know more than you can imagine. And our assassin perpetuated as this immovable carrier of a "heart of ice" is a princess at heart, with all her affection for girly things and making herself up. And they will both always do what is right, and have and will continue to sacrifice more than anyone should.

Prince Dorian

Even with the spark of attraction that has him in pursuit of Celaena's characters, in a quest for her truths, they make excellent friends (and I have a mind to keep them that way.) With a mutual passion for stories and a penchant for reading ALL THE THINGS, a built trust that may not grant Dorian passage to her entirely riveting past, there's little doubt on their connection.

Captain Westfall

Oh, I've really written this post to come to him within it. At first, Chaol's motives for accompanying our notorious assassin seems utterly unselfish and quite for the best considering. But before there's romance, or even a hint thereof, Chaol and Celaena are the ultimate best friends. Between going for a run first thing in the morning to sharing each other's company over a meal, these two aren't kidding anyone. More than that, Chaol learns a little something about acceptance, a hard rock of a man with a soft soul. There's something that will always bind them on a soul-deep level, a recognition and acceptance that never fails to move me.

I've made this post very Celaena-centric, which I'm sure she wouldn't mind a bit and really is there any other way to go? I adore the woman! Seriously, if you haven't read Throne of Glass yet, consider my avid participation in this blog tour every week a strong suggestion.

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Marathon said...

Nehemia! I did love her in ToG. It was nice to see Celaena get along with someone so well. And while I did like both Dorian and Chaol, got to say I think that Celaena and Chaol had a deeper connection, because like you said, they were really just best friends, romance or no romance. I think they both changed each other a little for the better too :). Love them so much! Fab post :).

Marathon said...

Yesss, I really, really love that Celaena has some really close and legit friendships because I often find that that is sadly lacking in books. I hope Princess Nehemia is also in the second book because I loved her. AND CHAOL!! Chaol Chaol Chaol. (Sorry Dorian, I like you too... just not as much). Love that Chaol and Celaena were good friends first. I really cannot wait to read Crown of Midnight! (I was a sad panda because the egalleys on NetGalley were for US and UK readers only. More like bitter panda, actually.) BUT it won't be long now until I will have the preciousss in my hands.

Marathon said...

I still have not read this *cowers from Asher* :p

Marathon said...

I enjoyed Nehemia and I can't wait for you to see the stuff that happens in Crown of Midnight. AND CHAOL IS MY BABY. And so I will always root for him, but it helps that he and Celaena are so deeply connected and the friendship is so fabulous. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM.

Marathon said...

I know, there are too little legitimate friendships in YA that actually worth reading. Oh, just wait til Crown of Midnight, man, you won't believe it. AND CHAOL. Chaol ftw for ALL OF LIFE. But seriously I love the friendship part of it best of all (well, maybe almost after Crown of Midnight xD) A sad panda is no panda worth looking at (and I love pandas!) so as soon as I get my butt in gear and write my review, I'd be happy to let you borrow it if you'd like...

Marathon said...

Come back here! I can't believe you, you MUST. It's so good, but then again I know you're not as big on fantasy.... But dammit it's just so good, MANDS. I still <3 you, though xP

Marathon said...

Aww, that's nice of you! I think by the time I could read it, I will be able to buy the hardcover though. But thank you!