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Done Been DNFed: Indelible by Dawn Metcalf

This is one of those times when I wish I wasn't in the minority. Have you checked goodreads lately? There are very few people that don't like this book. And I never wanted to be one of those people; I so badly wanted to love Indelible by Dawn Metcalf. I was promised intriguing world-building, a solid romance, a dark story. A likable heroine. But, by the point in which I could take no more (73 percent of the way in), Joy was driving me bonkers and the world-building was confusing me to the point of boredom.

I will say that people have something when they talk about Joy and Ink. They radiate this mutual uncertainty—about each other, about the romantic attraction layering slowly between them. And it's sweet and honest and enjoyable. I loved those 'exploring' scenes everyone's been swooning over, and for a while it was enough to suck me back into the book. But, once I came to the point where I realized I was reading this book solely for the scenes between them, practically skipping right over the other bits which only served to confuse me more, it quickly became apparent that I did not want to read this book.

I suppose the plot and world-building are supposed to be intentionally puzzling, because you're thrust into this world right along with Joy and with all the finesse of a rap song (ok, there are some good ones out there). But for every inch deeper into it, things are two inches behind in explanation. Perhaps that's supposed to attract me more but I wasn't overly impressed with what was shown to begin with. And aside from Joy and Ink, I was awfully disappointed with the cast. Inq, unfortunately, just drew a WTF what? from me half of the time and the other part of the time I was just indifferent. Joy's best friend, who I assume is supposed to be the medal-winning friend is actually kind of irritating, though not quite as much as Joy herself.

To be fair to Joy, she didn't have to do very much to get me annoyed. I liked that she had the makings of a backbone after a while, but seriously every time she spoke she got me cranky. I can't pinpoint exactly what it was, but she just didn't do it for me.

Would I recommend this to people? No. But that doesn't mean I don't think there are some people who're going to love it. There will be—goodreads is one indicator. Alas, I'm just not one of those people.

Paperback / 384 pgs / July 30th 2013 / Harlequin Teen / Goodreads / $9.99

I received an e-galley of this from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley.


Marathon said...

It's always so disappointing when you don't like a book everybody seems to love. I know that feeling, but sometimes certain books just don't work for us. Thanks for the honest review! :)


Marathon said...

It's a sad feeling when everyone else seems to love a certain book but you just don't feel anything for it / just really don't enjoy it.

But at the same time, that's okay lovely. <3 We can't love all the books. Otherwise our bank accounts would be empty and our bookshelves would collapse and die and we'd just become homeless because all the houses we own are purely being used to store books.

So technically, by having those occasional books that you DNF, you're preventing yourself from becoming homeless. LOGIC. :)

Marathon said...

I think it takes a certain type of story to dive into the dystopian world immediately without much explanation in the beginning. Sometimes it works (I thought Under the Never Sky did this well), but other times...not so much. I love suspense and not knowing things to an extend, but there comes a time when I dislike being so confused, especially when I get close to the ending and it becomes apparent that I'm not going to get the answers I wanted. I'm glad you could at least enjoy the romantic aspect of the novel! I've seen amazing reviews for this so far, but I also appreciate your perspective. Thanks!

Marathon said...

I know, and though I was disappointed more for not being able to, I have to be honest with myself :D

Marathon said...

LOGIC indeed, you boss. I never thought about how many pennies I'd be saving ;D

Marathon said...

Yes, if nothing else the romantic aspect kept me somewhat sane, which is nice but I still couldn't bring myself to go through with it. THANK YOU :D