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A Diverse Selection: Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Charlie Cochet | LGBTQ+ | Mine for the Reading

"He took Calvin's hand, and like every other time in their lives, Calvin followed Ethan blindly and willingly."
The first time Detective Dexter J. Daley meets the rest of his new team of THIRDs operatives it's after a) having been expressly directed NOT to meet them on his own by his Sargent father and b) getting into a fight with a ginormous bear-shifting agent fondly dubbed thereafter as Yogy over Cheesy Doodles. From that moment on, Destructive Delta was forever changed.

“At home in my drawer I have this huge d—”
Ash clamped a hand over Cael’s mouth, his face crimson. “Dictionary. A huge dictionary. Cael’s teaching me new words, such as… delitescent. Adjective. This entire conversation should have remained delitescent.”
“I’m a little scared right now,” Dex whispered hoarsely, turning to Sloane. “Hold me.”

Catch a Tiger by the Tail follows Calvin and Hobbs story - and while I would believe Dex capable of blinding you by gummy bear beaning, your eyes do not deceive you - those are their names - and this chapter of the team's story has been long-awaited. The solemn, pointed sharpshooter and the mute, sweet de-bomberperson (just made that up) have been longtime best friends and are now navigating the murky waters of transition into lovedom. Yummy and warm, oh, sweet, sweet man-on-man swoon.

This series is known for making people sit up in bed, laughing out loud to the point of near hysterical sobbing. From Dex's gummy bear obsession to the point of defiling his helmet to Ash's rip-roaring grouchiness to Cael's uninvited knowledge of sex toys and Dex's pubescent antics to Letty and Rosa's tagteam bullying to Sloane's head-shaking resignation to Hudson's tea predilection to Calvin and Hobbs' way without words and all the mischief that comes as a result. Crime and suspense, male romance, gut-busting humor, I almost want to warn you away!

Ebook / 216 pgs / Feb 5th 2016 / Dreamspinner Press / Goodreads / $6.99

My copy was purchased from Amazon Kindle.

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